Friday, May 10, 2002

Coolest Search Engine: Kartoo is a search engine designed by French guys who were always the best user interface designers. When I was President of Object Databases, Gail Paquet came over to the U.S. for three years and built the best object-oriented multimedia applications I have seen before or since. Kartoo reminds me of his work.

The last search engine I recommended was Google back on 21 Mar 1999 before most people knew about it. Kartoo sits on top of Google and other search engines to give you an object-oriented views of relationships. You can click to emphasize certain words and the whole pattern will reconfigure itself. The advanced search selection features are way beyond cool!

It is always interested to see what it on sites that reference my object technology page. I immediately found:
which has the most interesting links to computer science resources I've seen in a long time. Check out at least one of them.

A couple of people in my startup have already made it their home page. Need I say more!!


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