Saturday, May 04, 2002

Agile Software Processes: Does Agility Work?

Check out the June 2002 Software Development Magazine for a great article by Jim Highsmith on Agile case studies, "Does Agility Work?" One of them was a highly successful project that reimplemented a leading radiology software products in new technology. This type of project is high risk and failure prone. It took three years of 30 day SCRUM sprints. I was SVP of Product Development and Chief Technology Officer of IDX at the time and suggested to Deb Stenner, the development leader, that she bring Ken Schwaber in as SCRUM Master. According to Deb, the project was so successful that the average sales person was at 180% of quota and some were at 400%. It was "incredibly, phenomenally, successful ... almost too successful." They had difficulty shipping and supporting new installations. Oh well, how about an installation SCRUM?


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