Friday, April 19, 2002

Languages: C# causing trouble for Java?

Williamson, Alan. There May be Trouble Ahead... Java Developers Journal 7:4.

C# is not a Windows only language, is not an inferior Java clone, and is not a web services language only. It's a subtle way for Microsoft to unofficially support the growing number of Linux seats without losing face.

Voluminous slashdot comments:
Posted by michael on Friday April 12, @04:51PM
from the spill-proof-container-needed dept.
Jeremy Geelan writes "The editor-in-chief of the world's largest journal devoted to Java wonders whether, with the arrival of Microsoft's C# programming language on the scene, Java perhaps has only 5 years or so left to live. Javaland has erupted! This is a little like Bill Gates wondering out loud whether to send Scott McNealy a Christmas card. But is Alan Williamson right? Read this short article and decide for yourself."


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