Friday, July 29, 2005

Certified ScrumMaster Training

I'm returning today from the Agile 2005 Conference in Denver. Agile development is sweeping the planet and this years conference was large and exciting. Last year's big question was "What is Agile development?" This year was full of experience reports from companies doing Scrum and XP and the big question was, "We're doing it. It works! How can we get better?"

One way to get better is to join the over 2000 Certified ScrumMasters by attending a two day training and certification course. I have set up a number of them in Boston this fall. They will soon appear on the certication site. Meanwhile, they are as follows:

August 17-18 CSM rescheduled to Sep 22-23

Sep 22-23 Certified ScrumMaster Training - Boston

Sep 25-29 Keynote and Tutorial - JAOO Conference, Denmark

Oct 13-14 Advanced Scrum - Boston (see my Scrum II paper from the Agile 2005 conference)

Oct 27-28 Certified ScrumMaster Training - Boston (with Ken Schwaber)

Nov 10-11 Certified ScrumMaster Training - Boston

Nov 14-18 Advanced Scrum (Scrum Gathering) - Boulder, CO

Dec 8-9 Certified ScrumMaster Training - Boston

Jan 9-10 2006 Certified ScrumMaster Training - Hawaii (after HICSS conference)

Contact Jeff Sutherland at to register.


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