Monday, June 06, 2005

Bruce Eckel's New Blog

The author of Thinking in Java and Thinking in C++ moves his blog to Artima.

Computing Thoughts

Switching to Artima
by Bruce Eckel
May 31, 2005
I've been posting articles to the web for a number of years now, but only in the last couple of years have I been adapting to the phenomenon called "Blogging." This introduction will point to my previous posts, explain why I'm switching to Artima, and describe my hopes for the future of blogging.

I seem to have come at this thing backwards. I started by posting entire books (Eric Raymond tells me that I am the second person to post an unpublished book on the net, he seems to have been the first), then long articles and finally caught up with people writing short posts (My book writing seems to be following this as well; at some point soon I hope to start writing small books).

The "articles" can still be found on my web site:, and I suspect I will still post there from time. I've had a weblog on for awhile, and in general it was fine. The problem is with feedback. If you set a blogger weblog for "anyone can comment," you get blog spam. If you restrict it, people complain and/or don't comment because the hurdle is too high. And with restricted commenting, you can still get trolls, which are a bothersome time-waster.

On Artima, Bill has implemented a number of anti-trolling devices; he wants to keep the discussions civilized which is exactly what I'd like. That, and the fact that Artima focuses on the developer community, is what finally drew me here.


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