Friday, August 23, 2002

How Stuff Works: Wireless Security Blackpaper

Where do you go to get a good description of how wireless security works, how it gets hacked, and how to prevent intrusion? You can go to vendor sites and weed through the hype, or to hacker sites and sort through dense technical detail. Maybe you just need a good technical description. Trey "Azariah" Dismukes has written a Wireless Security Blackpaper that fits the bill.

"While wireless networks have seen widespread adoption in the home user markets, widely reported and easily exploited holes in the standard security system have stunted wireless' deployment rate in enterprise environments. While many people don't know exactly what the weaknesses are, most have accepted the prevailing wisdom that wireless networks are inherently insecure and nothing can be done about it. Can wireless networks be deployed securely today? What exactly are the security holes in the current standard, and how do they work? Where is wireless security headed in the future? This article attempts to shed light on these questions and others about wireless networking security in an enterprise environment."


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