Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Technology Adoption: Google

How fast can a new innovation gain dominance, cross the chasm, become a household word. Google may hold the record at 3 years.

Investors Business Daily reported on 9 Jul 2002 that Google was the leading search engine with visitors averaging 25.9 minutes per month. Second place Yahoo visitors averaged 10.8 minutes per month followed by MSN at 5.9 minutes per month.

When Google was initially gaining acceptance, I reported on it in 1999.
21 Mar 1999 Coolest search engine!

What does a search engine have to do with Object Technology? Well, if you type in Jeff Sutherland and then click on "I'm feeling lucky" you will get this page at light speed. Google is awesome!

Google uses a complicated mathematical analysis, calculated on more than a billion hyperlinks on the web, to return high-quality search results so you don't have to sift through junk. This analysis allows Google to estimate the quality, or importance, of every web page it returns. The importance of a web page is entirely independent of any query. A page like has high importance if other pages with high importance point to and lots of other pages with high importance point to This definition seems circular, and it is. Nonetheless, it yields a well-defined notion of importance that makes finding high quality sites easy.


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