Friday, November 13, 2009

AgilePalooza, Charlotte, NC, 13-14 Aug 2009 slides and papers

The presentations below make a good introductory workshop on Scrum. All slides and reference papers are provided.
AgilePalooza, Charlotte, NC, 13-14 Aug 2009

Day 1 – Wells Fargo KEYNOTE 8:45 – 9:45 am
Agile Software Development in the Enterprise
Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D.

Scrum started in small companies and achieved dramatic results with hyperperforming teams. This presentation will show how several companies have used hyperproductivity to generate extraordinary financial returns. It will also describe how Scrum scales up for large companies and outsourced, distributed teams and how venture capitalists are using Scrum to improve returns in their investiment portfolios. Scrum is used in large financial organizations like Vanguard, Wachovia, Fidelity, Standard and Poors, and many others. Some strategies for getting started with Scrum are described.

Beginner Track 10:00-11:15 am
Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D.

Scrum Training Institute co-founders deployed 250 Scrum teams at Yahoo during 2005-2008. Teams that were well coached achieved 300-400% gains in productivity. Teams not properly coached were audited at 35% improvement. The overview of the basic training for new Yahoo teams will be covered in this session by the Chairman of the Scrum Training Institute. IEEE paper on Yahoo Scrum implementation can be found in "The Scrum Papers."

Advanced Track 1:15 – 2:30 pm
The ACM Agile chapter in Boston was sold out at the Microsoft Research and Development Lab in Cambridge last week for a presentation on how to systematically take Scrum development teams to a hyperproductive state based on extensive data collected on hundreds of teams at Systematic Software Engineering in Denmark during 2006-2009. As a CMMI Level 5 company, Systematic institutionalizes standard processes across their entire organization and does large fixed-price defense, healthcare, and financial systems under contract. In 2006, they systematically doubled the productivity of every team in the company through Scrum with a lean approach to Acceptance Test Driven Development. In 2009, they began the second doubling of productivity by focusing on the Product Owner and process efficiency of stories. Their lean, systematic, and well documented approach to deploying Scrum will help everyone achieve similar levels of performance. Click here for latest IEEE paper on Systematic Scrum implementation.

Fishbowl Panel 4-5:30 pm

Day 2 – Public Day at Crowne Plaza Hotel

Learning Agility Track 11-12:15
How new teams in California and Sweden systematically achieve hyperproductivity in a few sprints
Jeff Sutherland, Scott Downey, Björn Granvik

New teams need to learn how to do Scrum well starting the first day. This talk will describe how expert coaches at MySpace in California and Jayway in Sweden bootstrap new teams in a few short sprints into a hyperproductive state. This requires new teams to do eight things well in a systematic way. Good ScrumMasters with make sure their teams understand these basics for high performance and great ScrumMasters will make sure the teams execute all of them well. This session will review the critical success factors for new Scrum team formation. Click here for Shock Therapy IEEE paper.

Advancing Agility with Non-Software Scrum – Open Space 12:15-1pm
Discussion of:

Scrum in Church: Saving the World One Team at a Time
Rev. Arline Conan Sutherland, Jeff Sutherland, Christine Hegarty