Monday, November 20, 2006

Water Cooled Laptop: Boost Your Performance!

My IBM Thinkpad T42 has a nasty habit of giving me the black screen of death. I've tried three different T42s and it happens on all of them. Tracking down the problem, it is clear that the cause is overheating. My IT Manager says I have too many programs on my machine that drive the processor too hard.

What kind of answer is that? The machine runs fine until the black screen of death appears!

The latest version of Google Earth will cause the laptop to fail every time I run it so I got serious about finding a solution. After using a cold water towel and ice I achieved success. The solution has been now optimized using an ice cold sixpack of Coke! Since my company has unlimited free supply of soft drinks, I simply get a new sixpack every four hours.

The side benefit of the water cooled laptop is that it runs screamingly fast as long as the Coke is cold. It will probably benefit all high powered laptops to watercool them!

My IT Manager thought this was so "cool" he is buying me a new Thinkpad T60. I'll keep you posted on whether water cooling the new laptop improves performance.


Blogger Max_Headroom said...

I think you have put cold Coke cans to better use than cooling your stomach.

I am told some drummers use Coke to clean and shine their cymbals. It is supposed to be very corrosive and several people have had their kidneys damaged due to excessive consumption.

A better pay off could "Cool your Laptop and Boost your Age"

11:37 PM  
Blogger eugenedruy said...

I think we are looking here to a potential strategic partnership between Google and Coca-Cola

1:36 PM  

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