Wednesday, August 25, 2004

JDocs: Documented APIs for Popular Packages

Documented APIs are the wave of the future for building Service Oriented Architectures. The Java Lobby has caused some controversy by publishing leading APIs on the web. Seems like some vendors don't want open publishing that will actually help the developers as it interferes with their business model. We are seeing the same dynamic in the open source publishing of journals.

What is JDocs?

  • HUGE collection of APIs
  • Familiar "javadocs" interface
  • Annotated with user notes
  • Fully indexed and searchable

JDocs is a comprehensive online resource for Java API documentation. All the javadocs for a variety of popular packages are loaded into our db-driven system, and users can contribute their own notes to virtually any class, field, method. In short, JDocs provides a knowledge base defined around the major Java api's themselves, so you can find the information you're looking for right where it should be... in the documentation!


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