Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Cellphone Update: Radiation Hazard vs. Healing Device

The cellphone is one of the most significant electromagnetic radiation hazards in the world today because of widespread use and close proximity of the head to the phone. Over the past few years, I've posted information on devices to add to your cellphone to minimize the effect of cellphone radiation which has been clearly shown to have negative effects on cell function. You can test it for yourself on your own blood samples.

A new device called a Green8 does a better job than any previous device I have tested. It not only minimizes the electromagnetic hazard, it balances your meridians, i.e. it turns the cellphone into a healing instrument. Electromagnetic fields can be helpful or harmful to cells depending on frequency, power, and exposure. This device appears to make the cellphone helpful rather than harmful!

The Green8 neutralizes the radiation from a cell phone by creating a form (holoform) for the radiation to propagate through. Normally radiation is very chaotic and noisy and full of distortion. This noise interferes with our electrical bodies (all animals are electro-chemical) so we get fatigued. The Green 8 is simply placed inside your cell or cordless phone's battery compartment and the radiation is neutralized. The Green 8 and PST products organize the radiation into a coherent signal with less noise so that the body can cope with easily. The testing shows that our body function is maintained at a normal, health state.

The graph above shows one such test that was performed in Helsinki, Finland in 2001. It shows energetic balance or healthy body function when the reading comes between 45 and 55. The first reading of 51 is a baseline reading which shows balanced body function with no radiation nearby. The second reading of 60, which shows abnormal body function, was taken when the cell phone was on but not calling (in the individual's lap). The next reading of 63 shows another stressed or abnormal body function. This reading was taken while the phone was transmitting a call showing us that the body function state while a cell phone is "ready to receive" but not calling is almost as elecro-magnetically stressful as a phone which is actually making a call! The 4th and 5th readings show that when the Green 8 is installed the body function is back in balance both while in "ready to receive" and "make a call" mode respectively. These tests were performed by a doctor who was using the "Best System" designed by the Biomeridian company (www.biomeridian.com).


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Hi jeff

Try to look at my invention for cell phone, I hav invented a sound that you store on the cell phone and it make the cell phone to a healing device instead.
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