Thursday, January 02, 2003

Grid Computing: New Book on the Web

Bob Marcus sent out a New Year's message on his new:


Happy New Year! This message is being sent out to a mailing list on Emerging Internet Technology (EMIT). The list was inactive in 2002 while I took a sabbatical to write a book on enterprise applications of the next generation Internet. The book is entitled "Great Global Grid: Emerging Technology Strategies". A draft version, contents, references and description are available at . The book is an outgrowth of the 2001 Software Services Grid Workshop whose proceedings are available at

The technologies covered in the book include portals, EAI and B2B messaging, Web Services, peer-to-peer, wireless, virtual clusters and Grid middleware. These technologies are analyzed from a pragmatic enterprise viewpoint including their future impact.

The next step for the Great Global Grid will be beyond the enterprise. My current work as a senior research engineer at SRI ( is creating a middleware architecture for mobile ad hoc networks. This infrastructure includes agent-mediated peer-to-peer communication with links to multiple resource-sharing grids.

I plan to send out periodic mailings on technical issues and events involving all aspects of the Great Global Grid during 2003. Anyone who is interested in subscribing can send me a message with subject "Subscribe GGG" at


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