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Scrum is an Agile development framework that Jeff Sutherland invented at Easel Corporation in 1993. Jeff worked with Ken Schwaber to formalize Scrum at OOPSLA'95. Together, they extended and enhanced Scrum at many software companies and helped write the Agile Manifesto.

Friday, September 08, 2006

SirsiDynix Scrum Paper: International Conference on Complex Systems

In response to questions about hyperproductive Scrum teams, please take a look at the SirsiDynix project, the most productive large Java project ever documented. A 56 member distributed/outsourced team was split between Provo, Utah; Denver, Colorado; Waterloo, Canada; and St. Petersburg, Russia. They achieved almost the same productivity as a single, colocated Scrum team documented by Mike Cohn in his User Stories book.

For the Complex Systems conference paper below, I also reviewed the first Scrum and how it achieved hyperproductivity using a variant of Toyota's set based engineering. Viewing the phenomenon as a biological model, it systematically induced "punctuated equilibrium" seen in species evolution.

Sutherland, J, Viktorov, A., and Blount, J. (2006) Adaptive Engineering of Large Software Projects with Distributed/Outsourced Teams. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Complex Systems, Boston, MA, 25-30 June.


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