Performance Appraisal


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Period covered by report:
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Company Rating (25%):

These objectives will be worked out with the Executive Committee and will be appropriate to the Team.

Development Team Rating of Individual's Performance (25%):

Each person dependent on the work of the reviewee is asked for a subjective judgement of performance on the 1-10 scale documented in the Review Process document. Many alternatives to this have been tried, but none seem to work as well as asked for a quick, gut-level response. If the review process is working well the average rating by team members will be remarkably close to the reviewers rating on individual performance.

Individual Performance (50%):

The following questions vary slightly from company to company. They force the review process away from a laundry list of items accomplished. These items are used to justify responses to the questions. The questions are designed to focus the performance review on the issues that are critical to company success and often critical to company survival. They lead the discussion away from what the Reviewer thinks about the person, and focusses the discussion on what market impact this person has.

·         Individual Contribution to Development Process Improvement: How fast did this person learn and implement new technologies and processes required for producing better product, shorter time to market, and lower costs? 10%

o        Areas of growth:
A person's greatest strengths are often the key to the greatest weakness. This can be used as a tool to discover areas of growth.

·         Individual Contribution to Organizational Flexibility: How flexible and adaptable was this person to changes in processes, organization, or personnel required to deliver products in Internet time frames? 10%

o        Areas of Growth:

·         Individual Contribution to Group Learning: How well did this person transfer learning in the development team? Can their work easily be supported when this person is on vacation? 10%

o        Areas of Growth:

·         Individual Contribution to Software Delivery: How effectively did this person produce deliverables required to bring product to market? 10%

o        Areas of Growth:

·         Individual Contribution to User Experience: How good was the user experience of the product that this person brought to market? 10%

o        Areas of Growth:

Overall Rating (weighted average):

Career Goals

What does this person passionately want to do?

Training Needed

Goals for next rating period (3 months)

Employee rebuttal (if needed)

Ongoing Administration